Turn based strategy game. Place your hatchs on the map. And be the first to destroy the hatchs of your opponents.


  • How to play:
    • Place your 5 hatch on the map
    • And watch the fight :)
  • An hatch will create an egg every 10 seconds
  • An egg will create a Flappy dragon 


  • Flappy Dragon !
  • 3 Levels
  • Current AI Playable:
    • Paul => Random move AI
    • Pierre => Comming soon
    • Jack => Comming soon
  • Multiplayer => Comming soon
    • Local
    • Online

Development log


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Interesting concept, nice graphics and music. This game has potential!

Thank you :)

This was fun - enjoyed a quick blast! Is it balanced in favour of the player slightly? Seemed to win most of the battles quite easily.... 

Thank you :)
In fact the AI is only random move for now so yes the player can win easily